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Val Escoubet

Artist Painter -
Figurative art - Realist art

Address :

Aquitaine, France


French artist-painter, Val Escoubet was born in 1965 in the suburbs of Paris in an artistic environment that allowed her to acquire very young the basics of drawing and the technique of oil painting in which she specialized.

Self-taught, she has long practiced this art as an amateur, experimenting with many mediums, such as ink, acrylics and pastel, while refining her gesture and technique through training in the studio.

For the past 15 years, Val Escoubet has refined her style and devoted herself to portraits and genre scenes; drawing, painting, retranscribing emotions, expressions as well as body movements of women, men, children ... an ambition, a devouring passion!

His challenge: realism, to give the impression of a living painting.

His work is characterized by the striking contrast between the subtle shades of black and white of his characters and the very colorful abstract backgrounds often borrowed from the world of street art.

Her artistic affinities are varied and eclectic, but she draws most of her inspiration from fashion illustration and urban art which is part of her roots and culture.

Having become a full-time professional artist a few years ago, Val Escoubet began by exhibiting collectively and solo in the south of France where she lives, then took an international turn by participating in art fairs in the United States, Asia and Europe in partnership with a Canadian art gallery. Her clientele is now mainly foreign.

At the same time, she creates custom-made works for private collectors as well as for the French State, which solicits her for the decoration of convivial spaces.

Finally, as a logical outcome of her career, she has recently undertaken to share her know-how and her workshop by developing training courses in the artistic field.

Artistic approach

It is a purely aesthetic research, the desire to propose the "beautiful" to entertain and seduce that dominates the artistic approach of Val Escoubet.

His models are graceful, elegant and often majestic.

The characters are often represented as on a black and white photo. Particular care is taken with the contrasts and especially with the light because they are essential to the balance, the beauty and the realism of the whole.

When the postures are static, the dynamism is then found in the rendering of fabrics, textures or in the hair.

The backgrounds are elaborated on the spot and evolve on the canvas according to the imagination of the artist and the alchemy that is created between the different elements of the composition.

The colors, the graffiti and the lettering must resonate with the monochrome shades in which the subjects in the foreground are adorned.

The objective? To make your eyes water!

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