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Sonia Valsecchi

Artist Painter -
Figurative art

Address :

Clamart, France


Sonia Valsecchi is an Italian artist, born on the beautiful eastern shore of Lake Como, in northern Italy.

After leaving her home country in 2008 and living in France and England, she finally settled in the green suburbs of Paris. She lives happily between the city of her dreams, Paris, and a still wild nature that stretches in the great forest just a stone's throw from her home.

Sonia showed a love and an aptitude for drawing from a very young age. Her studies led her to graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, Italy, and after a period of teaching and decorating, she dedicated herself to the world of art restoration, always pursuing her personal approach to drawing and painting.

Since 2009, her passion has fully taken its place and from that period, Sonia has participated in several exhibitions in France, England and Italy. Since 2012, she has returned to teaching, thus transmitting her love for the plastic arts while keeping the flame of creation.

Artistic approach

For me painting and drawing is a source of vitality that allows me to search in the most secret paths of the human soul and of nature the way in which the microcosm becomes macrocosm, progressing from intimacy to immensity. I like to tell the story of the human being, trying to paint it as an "inner landscape" and I like to capture its emotions in its different states, creating emotional portraits with expressive brushstrokes and intense colors. I also enjoy the challenge of rendering faces, eyes, skin and hands.

All the steps in creating a painting are exciting to me. I usually start by setting up my palette and laying out my tools; then I put the first patches of color when I enter my creative bubble. Normally, I start with colors and then add lines to get to the interpretation of the human figure.

To begin the painting process, I usually use a live model or photographs, all carefully chosen in relation to my personal background; in fact the titles given to my works are very personal.

I regularly paint with acrylics, ink and coffee. I often draw with colored pencils on a wet base; this allows me to play freely with shapes and colors. I also like materials such as paper, glue, plaster powder, sawdust and acrylic paint, and I like to mix them in unusual ways and then melt them on the canvas. The finished works are therefore rough and irregular to the touch.

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