Roger Winkler


Address :

Laval, Québec, Canada


Raised by strict parents, he soon found refuge in the fields and woods surrounding St. Vincent de Paul where he relentlessly explored the mysteries of nature.

His deep contempt for blind authority and endless curiosity would follow him throughout his life.

Photography was simply another language for him. Although he found success and recognition in many careers, photography was omnipresent, it was his natural form of communication.

Currently, he is working on a new and very different series of images: a eulogy for the future.

Artistic approach

The work of the photographic artist Roger Winkler is born from a world where art and nature are closely linked, where everything is alive, even the most obscure object. The artist Roger Winkler displays an uncommon form of art that is distinguished by the photo that is not a photo. The image has always been at the heart of the existence of this photographer who has no equal in sublimating reality and perceiving the invisible.

At the age of twenty, he started out as a scientific photographer at the University of Montreal, then branched out into advertising photography and worked in major studios in North America. But his art seemed to him more and more a futile and mercantile exercise in selling products! He drops everything to recharge his batteries and settles in the High Arctic to find his initial objective: to express himself through images.

In a style that is both minimalist and dreamy, the artist offers us pure works that touch us directly in the heart, shots that remind us of impressionism and this unique and moving way of sharing a feeling, an idea.

Having recently begun to exhibit his work and having won numerous awards in Quebec, Europe, the United States and elsewhere, Roger Winkler is quickly becoming increasingly successful.

When asked what his favorite work is, he answers with a sparkle in his eye: "The one I will make tomorrow".