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Richard Fulham

Artist Painter -
Abstract art

Address :

Saint-Hyacinthe (Qc) Canada


Richard was born in Verdun, Quebec in 1951. He studied visual arts at the Collège du Vieux-Montréal and ceramics at the Atelier Julien in Quebec City. In the 80's, he was a professional ceramist for 12 years.

Since 1996, he has devoted himself to contemporary visual arts. He specializes in mixed media. Richard is a self-taught artist by personal choice. Automatism, instinct, freedom of gesture and chance are at the heart of his creative process. He describes himself as a passionate artist and a constant seeker.

At the beginning of 2000, he developed his own personal artist's technique, which he calls "free style painting and pasting". An instinctive creator, his works are characterized by an abstract fusion of several techniques and textures.

Richard has received several awards and bursaries throughout his career in recognition of the quality and originality of his artistic production.

Since 1999, he has presented some forty solo exhibitions and participated in nearly seventy group exhibitions in Quebec, the United States, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Mexico and Bulgaria. Richard participated in the 2nd Art-Collage Symposium in 2002, in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, winning two major prizes. In 2003, he was the guest artist of honor at the 10th International Salon of Contemporary Collage in Paris. In 2004 he was invited as a guest lecturer and exhibitor at the Poughkeepsie Museum of Art in New York.

In 2010 he returned to Bulgaria, this time as the guest artist of honor at the 6th Plovdiv Art-Collage Symposium. During his stay, he gave a workshop to the students of the Tzanko Lavrenov School of Fine Arts. In 2014 he was invited as honorary president of the Salon de Noël de Visit art, Saint-Hyacinthe. In 2018 he was the guest artist to create collective works with the public at the 23rd Symposium de Chambly and received the same year an ARTO award (Arto Gallery) for the recognition of the excellence of his work.

Artistic approach

Richard's work consists of a series of intuitions, spontaneity and emotional charges by confronting abstract painting with certain realistic elements. An artist of freedom, he trusts his instincts completely. He does not make any preparatory sketches or drawings. Each painting is a completely free journey, voluntarily letting the color merge with the texture. The artist is a man of solutions. A chaos of departure becomes a pretext for a long journey towards balance, beauty and emotion.

The techniques he mainly uses are free style paint and glue, several textured mediums with or without the insertion of recuperated materials, collage or image transfer, acrylic and spray cans on stencils.

He likes to work with recycled objects that will become either tondos (Cds or 33 trs records) or picture-objects: driftwood, stones, three-dimensional objects, etc.

His initial influences were Jean-Paul Riopelle, Jordi Bonet and Robert Rauschenberg.

The unknown attracts him. "I am an explorer of textures, always looking for a new path. Classical music in the morning, electronic in the afternoon and jazz in the evening are my musical universe that stimulates my imagination."

Since 2019, he has been pursuing a long research and exploration on the abstract monotype, without press or engraving. 2 avenues are open to him: the totally abstract monotype and the interior landscape.

Richard has been giving workshops for 25 years in elementary, high school and for adults.

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