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Artist Painter -
Abstract art

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Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada

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It was during an artists' and artisans' fair that Véronique's vision of art was completely changed. A talented artist, Sophie Cartier, was demonstrating her practice of "spin art" which consists of spinning a canvas very quickly so that the paint disperses on it. She used a strange rotating mechanism that piqued the engineer's curiosity. Having a background in mechanical engineering, Véronique was first interested in the mechanism used by the artist and then was amazed by the works that resulted from its use. Mechanics at the service of art.

It was as if a whole world opened up to her.

"I had a feeling of vertigo like when you try to conceive the immensity of the universe" she says.

Instantly, all the colors around her were more vibrant, the textures more appealing and the tones more nuanced. She understood the power of art.

Since this seminal encounter, Véronique has developed a practice in painting and is experimenting with installation and performance art. In painting, she works under the pseudonym Quenick. In order to create an artistic identity of her own, she felt the need to dissociate herself from the professional representation she had of herself. Assigning herself an artist's name reflected a renewal with the infinite possibilities that come with it.

The artist, originally from Deux-Montagnes in the Laurentians, is currently developing her practice in the Eastern Townships. She has an Attestation of Professional Specialization (ASP) in artistic business management and is currently completing a certificate in visual arts at the University of Sherbrooke. Her medium of choice is fluid acrylic. She is inspired by hues and colors that evoke memories or reflect her state of mind. Some of her organic abstract works are exhibited in Montreal businesses and online galleries. Her work has also been featured in the second book of Art Cible.

Véronique is a committed woman who is involved in many projects. Whether it is by militating for the improvement of working conditions for artists in Quebec or by participating in fundraising events to finance women's shelters, the artist invests in the causes that are dear to her.

Artistic approach

It is through the movement of a string and the fluidity of acrylic paint that I learn to compromise with letting go. By surrendering control, I allow myself to accept and appreciate the imperfection of the result. I understand the futility of my apprehension and adopt a more forgiving posture towards myself. This practice allows me to apply what I have learned to my daily life.

Painting allows me to change my perspective on the anxiety disorders and phobias that plague my thoughts. Before, I felt like I was tied up by an invisible rope that barely let me breathe.

Now, art leads me to see my torments as tools. I use, symbolically, the rope that strangles me to create. I transform my torturers into muses and exploit my elusive confusion to detach myself from them.

I explore my subconscious and my intuition through my creations. It is by analyzing and contemplating the final work that I am able to connect the dots and thus decode my perceptions and influences.

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