Pascale Bouchard

Artist painter
Floral art, impressionism

Address :

Granby, Québec


Pascale Bouchard, a native of the small town of La Tuque in Mauricie, now lives in Granby. She completed 2 years of college studies in Trois-Rivières in visual arts to pursue a bachelor's degree at the UQTR in art education.

Her studies led her to teach for 7 years at the secondary level, and then to reposition her profession of teaching art to young and old from her own studio in 2005.

Self-employed, she obtained several contracts always related to visual arts for both individuals and businesses. Woman of challenge, she inaugurates in the summer of 2011, a business of art material, in Cowansville in the Eastern Townships, which she will manage for 2 years. But it is through the role of her life, her role as a mother, of Thomas and Émile, that Pascale realizes that all these enriching experiences have allowed her to understand that Art is really what makes her heart vibrate. The artist wants to reach this creativity that inhabits the heart of each being by allowing it to weave the canvas of its own life and to awaken in each one a state of well-being and freedom, and this, by sharing her knowledge in the form of a creative workshop offered to the public and, of course, by the physical or virtual exhibition of her own creations.

His style is defined today by abstract expressionism, touching elements of nature; the sky, clouds, trees, roots and especially the floral.

Artistic approach

Art, both in its technique and in its creative freedom, has inspired her since her youth.

A few years ago, she discovered encaustic, a wax-based paint. A wonderful medium, which meets the primary needs in her art, those of awakening her senses through movement, color and texture. After eight years of exploration and practice, she is now at the stage of pleasure, where she masters the medium in many of its forms. This technique now leads her to define concepts that are both abstract and distinctly subjective, but more importantly, to present her projects with a different approach because of the uniqueness of this ancient technique. Fluidity, superposition and decomposition of planes and elements give tone to his ART.

In parallel, she also works with acrylic with collage and texture as well as mediums such as watercolor and ink. These are sometimes very liberating to structure different bases before working with encaustic.

Today, she draws from her memory of forms and compositions to liberate unique expressions and give birth to works without expectation or obligation and thus take her place as an artist with conviction and total detachment.

Her choice is made, that of devoting all her free time in her creation and her well-being. She wants to reflect her being so that it expands to release intuition and harmonize textures and intuitive movement. Her happiness and balance are what the awakening of all her senses through the practice of her art, as well as the sharing of it, brings her.

"Art, for the awakening of a nature, abstract, fluid and tactile!"

Pascale Bouchard