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Paméla Pinard

Artist Painter -
Figurative and Abstract Art

Address :

Québec, Canada


Paméla Pinard is a Canadian artist, born in 1975 in the heart of the Matapedia Valley, who has been living in the Quebec City area since the end of her studies. She graduated in visual arts from the Cégep de Rivière-du-Loup and in graphic communication from Laval University, and began her professional career as an illustrator.

The detours of destiny quickly redirected her to the field of decorative arts, where she developed great versatility. Her numerous achievements, in private and public establishments throughout the province, have led her to experiment with a multitude of materials and to take up the challenges of a great diversity of artistic projects.

Her creativity having been at the service of her clients for a long time, the need to deliver a more personal artistic vision became apparent. She then started her own production. Since then, she has been working as a muralist and decorative painter in parallel with her career in visual arts.

Artistic approach

The artist explores the inner worlds and seeks the beauty that is hidden in the heart of things in order to reveal all the intimacy through his works.

Nature inspires her, especially for its hidden riches and the life of its infinitely small, microscopic and cellular ecosystem. She likes to observe her subjects through backlighting because, becoming illuminated and transparent, they reveal their secrets in all fragility.

Her pictorial universe is organic, vegetal and luminous. It consists of delicate components that float, scatter or gather in abundance and lightness on the canvas. Abstract or figurative, his work is executed with a slow and meticulous gesture. Living cores" are created, piece by piece, using collage and mixed media.

With her paintings, she tries to touch the viewer with softness, brightness and positivity. She invites us to lose ourselves in the image, to observe it closely to discover each small detail and to marvel at it.

This approach provides her with a form of intimate connection with mother earth, a way to recognize and share, through her creations, the light that exists in all things.

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