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Martine Tremblay

Artist Painter
Figurative art

Address :

Saguenay (Chicoutimi), Qc, G7G 1C3


Martine Tremblay was born in Chicoutimi, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean in 1958.

As a painter, her curiosity is a strength, an inexhaustible source of exploration and creation.

Self-taught painter, books were her most faithful teachers. Her determination to make her artistic vision real is a constant objective.

After having learned according to literary teachings, she can finally free herself from any hindrance.

The artist was influenced by the mannerist movement and seduced by the expressionist trend. The artistic games, the symbols, the deformation of the bodies, the exaggeration of the form and the texts that inspire, invite her to research and push her limits.

In figuration, it is the character that has always inhabited her, with the latter she can represent all the titles that are dear to her heart.

For abstraction, Martine Tremblay frees herself from realistic references by manipulating her lines and colors, which constitutes in itself her visual language.

In addition to acrylics, she also works in mixed media and allows herself to use graphite, gold and silver leaf, and oil, to name a few.

Over the past three decades, her presence in group exhibitions, galleries, symposiums and competitions has carved out a path that is becoming more and more defined. She has exhibited her work in Paris, the Alpes Maritimes, Italy and the United States. For the past four years, she has been the president of the association "Les Artistes de la Maestria", an organization of professional artists in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region.

Her work can be found in galleries in Quebec, Ontario and Saskatchewan as well as in public and private collections.

His objectives are quite simple: to create, to constantly deepen his pictorial exploration, to build a work and to impose his approach.

Artistic approach

A singular approach for the observers and yet quite natural for the artist. A little sentence from her mother takes the form of a permission for the already creative child that she is: "It is not because it is not done that you cannot do it".

For her figurative works, the inspiration comes from the deep impression left by certain texts, by proverbs or by expressions. The words provoke a multitude of images in the artist's brain. That is why his sketchbook contains only titles. These are significant, symbolic and lead us to a reflection. Her character is just right to represent the words that stand out, the intangible phrases and the ideas conveyed. For her, it is one of her greatest challenges to do justice to the precious writings. Therefore, she wishes to provoke a soliloquy between the observer and her works.

On the other hand, Martine Tremblay's alter ego belongs to her unconscious world. The abstract and aesthetic form that her art takes is born from a line, a curve, a shape that will be laid down on a canvas to undergo multiple mutations through patterns, colors, tones, contrasts and resting places. Brushes, brushes, spatulas, aerosol, collage, nothing is spared, everything can be used for her compositions.

As she says so well, "have no fear, in an abstract work there is also a composition, that is to say a subject, a verb and a complement even if they are not always identifiable. She leaves it to the art lover to interpret the rendering of her once blank canvas.

She expects her artistic practice to question the viewer, to provoke a reaction or why not, a conversation.

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