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Manon Roy

Artist Painter
Pop Art

Address :

Gaspésie - Québec


Manon Roy, born in Gaspésie on March 30, 1962.

Lives in Quebec City, painter.

In a self-taught way, I experimented in the first years several mediums like charcoal, pastel, ink and oil.

In 1993 I undertook an internship in France (Nîmes) in advertising design in which I worked freelance and obtained some small contracts.

A participation in a contest in the establishment where I was doing my internship as an illustrator allowed me to win the first prize in silver which led me to do another internship on decorative painting, that is to say, effects of material such as marble, wood, trompe l'oeil etc. just like the craftsmen of the past.

This way of painting pleased me a lot and I continued this method until my return to Quebec in 2002 where I met the Quebec painter Paul Béliveau.

I became his assistant and since then, in my spare time, I have started my own production. Series featuring icons of the past cinema, having treatments that confront each other. The figuration of the people fixed in time comes to jostle with a gestuality in periphery of the painting, coming thus to give an incarnation to the work.

Artistic approach

I am a passionate person in constant reflection. The different researches and tests I have done have led me to recognize my preferences for certain mediums m and I conclude that according to my mood I go through various techniques, with dry pastel, oil and acrylic.

The portrait is what fascinates me the most...the look especially, if I manage to seize this look which is personal to each one, I know that I have reached the soul of the subject. I like to experiment with texture which allows me to develop my personal technique, to create the atmosphere in which I give life to the subject.

I am currently experimenting with transparency and want to find a certain ghostly effect. Each painting represents for me the beginning of an adventure and a new challenge. I see it as a way to share my view on aesthetics.

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