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MAÔ artiste

Artist Painter -
Abstract art

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Québec, Canada 

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Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec

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Manon was born into an artistic family on the South Shore of Montreal where she currently lives.

Her mother, a designer and seamstress, is passionate about decoration and homes. Her father, an electrician, is also a musician and her brother a very talented author, composer and performer of music. Manon is no exception, having also a very developed artistic fiber.

At a very young age, she practiced dancing, singing, painting and dramatic art. At the age of 10, she began to take an interest in decoration. Very avant-garde, she painted an entire black wall in her room in 1982, a period when this practice was not common.

The family's financial means being very modest, Manon learned to make new with old, that is to say, to transform furniture and accessories to make unique pieces worthy of a boutique.

She has been an interior designer for over 15 years. Her professional background includes TVA, working in scenic workshops where she learned to work with paint color mixes and faux finishes on the walls of TV sets. As time went on, she began to create more and more custom canvases in the colors she needed for her sets.

Artistic approach

Her style is abstract art, she works with acrylics with large brushes, spatulas and non-formal objects to give different shapes and textures capturing the eye of the viewer.

Manon is inspired by her state of mind, trendy colors and of course music to create. She lets the rhythm take over and her hands do the rest. It is always surprising to see characters or animals appearing unintentionally in her works. Sometimes the artist accentuates the outline of the character to emphasize it and to present it to you.

What she wants to transmit through her works is a feeling of well-being like that state of being when you walk in nature. We stop, we breathe, we take the time to contemplate every little thing that surrounds us. Imagine, every day when you wake up, looking at a work that brings you this feeling of well-being, freedom, lightness, softness and simplicity of simply being.

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