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Lisa Stock

Artist Painter -
Semi-abstract art - Symbolic art

Address :

Saint-Roch-de-Richelieu , Québec, Canada


Born in 1990 in Pointe-Claire, Lisa Stock is a multidisciplinary artist who has been creating since she could hold a pencil. Now living in the Sorel-Tracy area, Lisa left her bohemian life to settle down with her little family in 2020. A photographer by profession, she also paints, draws, writes, plays music, sculpts, crochets, and creates jewelry with crystals. Creating is what she is most passionate about in the world.

She received a scholarship in fine art in 2007 and studied at Marsan College of Photography in 2009. She began her career specializing in concert photography, covering all the biggest shows and festivals in Canada and the United States. She then opened an online store for her artwork and wrote a trilogy of fantasy novels at the age of 23.

Despite her penchant for painting, her reputation in photography has won her several awards and been published in magazines such as Elle magazine, Modern Drummer in the US, Rhythm & Drum in Japan, and many more. A selection of her show photos will be presented throughout the year 2022 in large format at the Maison des gouverneurs in Sorel-Tracy. She will also give her first conference this year on this subject.

What influences her the most is spirituality, discovery and self-expression. She has no idols as she cannot find artists who reflect the lifestyle she hopes to create.

Her preference for intuitive creation leads her to pay a lot of attention to painting. Painting allows her to use colors and shapes as freely as she wants to translate her infinite imagination onto a large, palpable surface. In love with love, Lisa loves to create human silhouettes, such as dancing souls or couples coming together. The works that emerge from her imagination carry an esoteric, spiritual and mysterious aspect. They are vibrant with color and movement, while remaining simple and often uncluttered.

Artistic approach

As she has never taken an art or painting class, Lisa has no specific technique. She uses acrylics, and lets her hand guide the brush like a wave. She determines her colors and draws the sketch on the canvas, but the work takes shape as she sees fit afterwards. If she doesn't like the result, Lisa starts over or adjusts her creation until it takes shape.

Her work is inspired by fantasies, meditations and visions that seem to come from another dimension. The souls she paints represent the main characters in her fantasy trilogy. The love in this story led her to believe that it was possible to manifest such a powerful relationship in her own life, so she began painting couples to surround herself with this energy. Within a few months, Lisa manifested her dream relationship.
Since then, the artist has continued to create in this style to help others realize their desires as well. Whether it is for self-confidence, freedom, abundance, connection with the divine, attraction, friendship... she creates what speaks to her.

Lisa's hope is that her works not only decorate the walls, but become a daily reminder of the holder's dreams. Above all, they are created with the intention of being interpreted beyond the logical or tangible. They are for ambitious people who want to make a positive impact in their lives and those of others.

The question she is most often asked is: what do you think about when you paint? And the answer is simple: she doesn't think. The elements present themselves to her and the meaning of each detail appears naturally, she just amplifies it.

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