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Artist Painter -
Oil painting with a knife
Abstract and figurative art

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Saint Romuald Sud de Québec

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+1 418 906 6618

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Lulled since my childhood by the delicate watercolor creations and comic strip characters of my two older brothers, I quickly fell into the pot.

As an adult, in order to perfect my line and my colors, I followed a training in fine arts and private lessons with various teachers who knew how to give me judicious advice.

The one who knew how to detect my expectations, Master Emile Lebrun, definitively sealed my destiny as an artist by giving me a solid training in COUTEAU. This is the technique I am known for today.

The exploitation of my workshop-gallery in COLLIOURE (cradle of Fauvism) offered me the most beautiful encounters which allowed me great artistic events: Exhibitions in Spain, in Luxembourg, in St Petersburg, in Yorktown (USA) and especially in the big cities of France which brought me a recognition and a notoriety: Paris, Bordeaux, Marseilles, Cannes, the whole matched with beautiful rewards in the artistic environment:

- Recognized best creator of the year 2000 in Paris

- 1st price of the UNO in Geneva for my theme on water

- Great gold medal of the city of CANNES, twice

- Gold medal of the city of MARSEILLE

- Bronze medal in ST TROPEZ

- An exclusive exhibition in PARIS at the big roof of the ARCHE DE LA DEFENSE, during 3 months .....

.... and many more " I believe I have received more than 25 awards over a 10 year career.

My great artistic influence was, at the beginning, the impressionist painting.

The most important painter for me was Vincent Van Gogh because of his marvelous palette of colors. He was also the first impressionist painter to think outside the box and advocate a more contemporary way of painting.

My personal style is frankly contemporary, halfway between the figurative and the abstract.

My technique is essentially oil painting with a knife, with, sometimes, contributions of materials.

My unbound and liberated style allows me to approach all the themes: Abstract, landscapes, characters, sports, sails, cars, dances, flowers etc....etc... that I always create with a lot of enthusiasm.

Artistic approach

I always start my work with the color.

The theme then asserts itself according to the reading that I make of the first colors sent on the canvas.

I am as much at ease in the figurative as in the abstract.

All life around me becomes a source of inspiration.

I want the viewer to immediately understand what I mean through color and movement, without having to think. He must immediately feel a real pleasure and enter with happiness into my work.

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