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Artist painter -
Figurative and abstract art

Address :

Pfetterhouse (France)


The artist Jies (Jérôme Schreiber) was born in 1974 in Altkirch, in the east of France, close to the Swiss and German borders.

Today he shares his life between Switzerland and France.

As far back as he can remember, he has always been in contact with the artistic world. Passionate, he embarked on the exploration of the pictorial universe of painting at the turn of the century. Totally self-taught, nourished by his rich and varied life experiences, his readings and visits to the greatest museums of Europe, he puts on canvas his impressions, his questions, his vision of the society that surrounds him.

His "cross-border" position allows him to be regularly exposed in France, Switzerland and Germany.

Artistic approach

Jies works almost exclusively with acrylic, on large canvases. The majority of his creations propose, in a more or less abstract way, a representation of silhouettes from which the gaze is absent. These paintings present these almost human silhouettes in an abstract and expressive style. The figures are represented in a simplified way, with pure lines, sometimes broken, unstructured, on metallic backgrounds, often with copper, gold or silver dominance, by touches or in textured flat tints, thus creating an atmosphere at the same time enigmatic and emotional.

The artist tends to explore the human form in an abstract context, seeking to express complex emotions and ideas through simple, uncluttered forms. He also wishes to stimulate the viewer's imagination and emotion, inviting them to interpret the shapes and colors in their own way. As if to force the viewer to look at this improbable mirror with his own eyes.

Very influenced by the painting of the XXth century, in particular the impressionists (Monet, Sisley), the American abstract expressionism (Rotkho, Pollock) and the surrealism. He shares with this last current the certainty that the imagination, the capacity of invention are the essential elements of the artistic creation.

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