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Isabelle Plante

Isabelle Plante
Painter from Quebec. Abstract and contemporary art

Address :

Lévis. Qc. G6V 6C4


Isabelle Plante, ISA of her artist name, was born in St-Lambert de Lévis in 1974 and now lives in Lévis. 

She participates in several exhibitions and is a member of several associations including Mondial Art Academia de l'Europe. She is the founder of a place of healing, Espace Rosart, where she leads intuitive painting workshops. She also offers team building services in companies.

Kandinsky Wassili and Joan Mitchell are great painters that she admires because they resemble her as human beings by their need for transparency, freedom, authenticity and openness to the art of the Spirit. She draws from them the essence of her exclusivity and her desire to fulfill her artistic dreams.

Following the pouring technique, she works with acrylics with water, a pouring medium and sometimes she adds a silicone oil. The colors inserted in a glass are then poured onto the canvas to be worked, at times, with a straw with a finish chosen according to her inspiration or the desired effect.

She knows how to have fun with shapes and colors to integrate to her art a blowing which gives extraordinary effects and sometimes of a great realism. The creation of her paintings allows her to put into paint the intuition and the intention that inhabit her, an enriching experience for both her and the observer.

Artistic approach

Acrylic paint is my medium, which I lay down on canvas in abstract mode in different colors and shapes following the pouring technique. The varied and complementary colors are inserted one at a time into a glass and then poured onto the canvas to be spread gently before being shaped with a straw to achieve a precise and unique effect that only pouring can produce. I also work with water, a casting medium and occasionally add silicone oil. The finishes vary according to my imagination or the intention of the moment. The result is patterns that create imaginary environments often related to my own history; cells come to life giving an effect of lightness.

Through my work, I tell a story, the story of the viewer. It is as if this canvas had a spirit, a soul. It brings to life all kinds of emotions that allow one to perceive one's life differently, to understand a period of one's past, present or future life. The multidimensional effect of certain paintings accentuates this perception since we have the impression of entering inside the work itself.

This nature that becomes natural carries the message that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. A happiness, an impulse of joy transcends the being by its belief. The work is unique and carries Life. A great wealth of freedom, of letting go. The only limit of the human being is the one he creates himself. My works transcend these limits.

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