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Isabelle Gosselin

Artist Painter -
Fluid art

Address :

Laval, Québec Canada


Isabelle Gosselin was born in Montreal in 1957. She is known by her artist name, Gosselin, and still lives in Laval. Her career in the advertising industry for nearly 30 years occupies most of her time. She studied painting as a hobby in a school called Studio D'Art, owned by a painter, Richard Morin. She learned oil painting techniques from the studio's professional artists which allowed her to develop her artistic side. During this period, her works of various landscapes will be figurative.

In 2020, she fully embraced her passion for painting. She turns to the acrylic medium and more particularly to fluid art. Some basic notions with experienced trainers allow her to tame the medium, which is acrylic. These paintings represent semi-abstract landscapes, with a lot of movement.

She made sure to surround herself with experts to start her career as an artist. She registers on an Internet sales site, Gallea, which will allow her to sell outside the country. She also became a member of Art x Terra, which allowed her to structure her artistic project and to have a link with the artists. She will be part of Collections de Curateurs, and will be exhibited in various places in the Greater Montreal. She participates in several competitions organized by various organizations for a better visibility. In November 2021, she will have her first DUO opening.

Artistic approach

Why painting? For several years now, it has given me moments of serenity and joy while creating and freeing my imagination. I learned the basic techniques of oil painting, to prepare my own colors, to create the imagined light of a landscape. Very structured to start, I draw my work on the canvas, then I can define it with the medium but in very thin layers. Then, I refine the canvas endlessly, going from cloud effect to precise strokes to obtain this image in my head of the desired landscape. My first works are contemporary figurative.

In the last year, I discovered acrylics and particularly fluid art. The different aspects of acrylics have pushed me towards abstract and semi-abstract.

I mix the different techniques I learned to get my idea. Landscapes, but especially trees and forests captivate me by their diversity and possibilities. I like them unique, isolated, in a purified and minimalist landscape to see the strength of this tree, or in the forest, as a group of friends who meet...

Nature is changing and never bores me, all seasons have their colors, light and this inspires me and fills me with well-being. During my creative process, I am in the moment, happy to be able to transmit my emotions and my pleasure while inspiring people. In fact, I create The meeting of art with nature!

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