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Gisèle Vivier

Artist Painter -
Abstract Art

Address :

Mont-Saint-Pierre/ Québec, Canada


The painter Gisèle Vivier was born in 1958 in Saint-Jean sur le Richelieu. Since 2008, Gisèle has been living in Gaspésie in the small village of Mont-St-Pierre.

Since her childhood, Gisèle dreamed of painting pictures in her studio. As a teenager, she was always drawing on pieces of paper, mostly animal portraits. It wasn't until she was 20 years old that she took her first oil painting class.

At the age of 25, she began studying visual arts at the Université du Québec à Montréal. During her training, she experimented with several means of expression such as: photography, intaglio engraving, clay modeling and mixed media. However, her heart beat only for painting and she became aware that color would always be part of her life.

At the end of her university apprenticeship, it was a long and painful inner search that began. The work of painting had become a source of deep suffering. During the years that followed, Gisèle abandoned all artistic endeavors in order to rediscover the flame that had previously inhabited her.

It was in March 2006 that Gisèle returned to painting. Her first painting was a portrait of a dog that she entitled "Souvenir lointain" in reference to her childhood dream! From then on, the passion and desire to paint was reborn in her stronger than ever.

Gisèle participated in several group exhibitions and symposiums in Quebec and France.

Since 2017, she devotes herself to abstract art and the exploration of color. In 2019, she received two gold medals in the category of abstraction in international juried competitions, one held in Montreal and another in France.

Artistic approach

Gisèle's primary inspiration is the energy of color, transparency, contrast and texture. Her intuitive, no-pressure approach allows her creative freedom. The artist's original and unique abstract creations express emotions through each gesture. In search of harmony and balance, Gisèle achieves full consciousness in her creative process. Inviting her to feel a sense of quietude and joy deep within herself. For Gisele, the wonder comes once her work is completed. 

She uses acrylic paint that she spreads on the canvas in a random fashion and lets the feeling come through. The tones overlap each other. The energy dictates the direction to take. She uses mainly primary and secondary colors without mixing them too much. She explores different pictorial approaches and printing techniques, stencils and other materials that she inserts into the fresh and quickly removed paste in order to give texture and diverse dimension to her painting.

Each tone gives off a positive or negative vibration. This duality is found in everything and in each of us. In her reflection of the abstract, the artist seeks to bring out the authentic side and thus bring a felt energy for the person who looks at her painting. Gisèle would like her work to bring well-being through the symbolism of colors. 

Gisèle's paintings inspire a feeling of joy, serenity, contemplation, softness and invite us to pause and enter into communion with the work.

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