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François Blériot

Painter, sculptor, photographer
Abstract art

Address :

Gourdon (46) / France


Born in 1969 in Lille (Nord) France, François Blériot lives in Gourdon in the Lot region.

At once a photographer, painter (all materials, mainly acrylic) and sculptor (wood, metal and/or any transformable salvaged object), François defines himself as an artist-author or creator.

Despite many years in photography, it was the memory of his grandfather's canvases that led him to painting on canvas. His encounter with the public was a determining factor, because above all, he enjoys sharing art in all its forms.

Accompanied by music, he naturally gravitates towards more informal abstracts, where colors blend and intersect in a very positive energy.

Artistic approach

Through his inner feelings, accompanied by music, he lets himself be guided towards abstraction, where explosive colors predominate. In his creations, time is timeless, and the non-existence of time leads him into the depths of art.

An exhibition of the painter Zao Wou-ki in Paris was a wonderful discovery, and became a form of inspiration too. Since then, he has been working on larger and larger supports, so as to lose himself even more in the color he is so fond of.

His work is accompanied by a number of series, such as Signes, in which various everyday objects replace brushes and knives.

François Blériot's positive energy is reflected in his canvases. These canvases, sometimes using sand, ink or various materials such as nail varnish, exude his predominantly benevolent state of mind. This positive energy is reflected in the composition of her canvases, with her sweeping movements guided by music.

Let yourself be guided by the emotion that can overwhelm you in the face of these canvases full of life. Dare to bring color into your life.

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