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Fay Gallery

Artist Painter -
Figurative art

Address :

Terrebonne, Québec, Canada


Artist since 2013 only, but raised in art, spent her youth imagining herself to be one of the characters of the paintings owned by father artist. It was following her art opening that Fay decided to follow in her father's footsteps. She started to paint while perfecting her art privately for 4 years in order to offer the best of herself through her creations. She went from contemplating the works of the family collection to becoming a successful artist.

Since 2015, she has had more than 10 exhibitions, both collective and solo, and has also participated in important events, notably in the medical field, in addition to having been selected for a video montage for 44 Art Event and having made a name for herself in a written publication in Venice, Italy. This newly established artist can boast of having already exhibited and sold in New York City and had one of her paintings showcased at the International Fine Art Cannes Biennale held during the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

Fay is an extremely spiritual person who intuitively creates art to inspire her audience and guide her through her career. Her artistic ideas are born at night while she sleeps and she takes note of them when she wakes up to create abstracts on canvas in shades of white, grey, black, silver and gold.

Sometimes she dares to use color, especially on request. Her abstracts are the fruit of mixed media worked with her hands, spatula or brush, with which she plays to find the perfect formula that will best represent her inspiration. Her latest collection is composed of crushed mirrors, a representation of the mirrors of the soul, a unique element that gives all its richness to her works.

Artistic approach

Fay's artistic process is manifested in the essence of her creativity, in the heart of her emotional feelings and intuition.

As Fay's artistic evolution continues, she takes pleasure in painting abstract art. Her creations take her into the depths of a dialogue between the soul, the gestures of her brushes and the canvas. She enters into a kind of trance from which her body executes what her inspiration dictates, forgetting all reality around her.

It is in the movement of her brushes and superimpositions of products that she lets dry in order to come back to it much later, when she will decide if a more concrete element appears and will accentuate its forms by other superimpositions. She often mixes her colors with other components such as gels and ink and is always in constant evolution and discovery.

She takes pleasure in discovering her paintings through the eyes of her audience, discovering visions that she herself did not have at first. Moreover, the addition of crushed mirror to her works represents the mirror of the soul, the reflection of each one, the inner experience.

She invites you to enter her paintings to discover the fullness of imagination that she has the pleasure to paint, and this, in all soul and body.

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