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Diane Lacombe

Artist Painter - Contemporary figurative art

Address :

Québec, Canada 

Phone number : 

Tél : 438 351-3040

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Born in Montreal in 1961, Diane has been living in St-Bruno for the past twenty years. The 80's were revealing for her, as it is at that time that her passion for visual arts was born.

Self-taught, after having explored different artistic approaches, acrylic painting quickly became her medium of choice.

Wishing to transmit a part of the energetic current that inhabits her, she perfects a technique in 2007, her hands become her brushes, her fingers embrace the canvas and a connection is spontaneously established. She lets herself be guided by her gestures and movement dominates her paintings.

Over the years, she has explored different artistic approaches and renewed her signature in 2016.

Since 2009, she has participated in numerous exhibitions and events in Quebec in renowned galleries and internationally her work is represented in several galleries, including:

2011 Galerie Brenart Brussels Belgium on selection

2012 National Museum of the Navy Constanta Romania artist representing Canada

20120-13 Amsterdam Whithey Gallery Chelsea New York on selection

2013 Ward Nassa Gallery , Soho New York

2015 Gallery Pava Edmonton AB

2018 U Concept Gallery Shanghai China competition selection

2019-20-21 U Concept Gallery Shanghai China

His works are part of private collections in addition to being reproduced in several books of visual arts and poetry.

Artistic approach

As the vivid and flamboyant colors orchestrate themselves on a canvas, the gestures come to life in a dense profusion of movements. The artist's own technique of using a mixture of hands and brushes, this intuitive way creates connections and nuances, a synergy of colors. This sensitive connection, refined by the addition of different acrylic mediums, definitely brings another perspective to her modern figurative style.

She is inspired by nature which is for her a source of resourcefulness.

She wants to transmit the vital energy of the flowers she symbolizes, the colors, the infinite curves joining with a sense of relief making the sensations of nature palpable. Swelling in a brilliant harmony, they invite in a dizziness of colors to a moment of meditation or to the intimate blossoming of an awakening.

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