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Christine Boudin

Artist Painter -
Animal art.

Address :

Chilly Mazarin, France


Christine Boudin was born in Paris in 1954.

Although she has always been passionate about painting, she chose to become an interior designer and entered the Camondo school in Paris. This profession will be hers for 17 years while remaining faithful to her brushes.

She paints her animal portraits first for her own pleasure, then, in 1995, a request for a dog portrait leads to a wave of paintings of dogs and cats in particular. She then saw her work solicited to be exhibited in various events and galleries in Paris and in the provinces, where the recognition of her work was crowned with numerous awards.

This was followed by a broadening of her offer with paintings of more imposing animals such as rhinoceroses, big cats, elephants, to name but a few.

Painting, pastel, drawing, all techniques are the pretext to transcribe the emotion of a posture, of a look with the authenticity and the precision which characterizes his work. The animal is enthroned in all its majesty, although the artist has a particular penchant for felines.

Christine makes it a point of honor to render the animal with a sharp realism, modeling the bodies of her subjects in order to reach the truth that only allows to transmit the fullness of the forms as well as the emotion.

Artistic approach

The artist's approach is based on hyperrealism where she renders the richness of her subjects' coats and furs with an astonishing reality. She models their bodies with accuracy and finesse where the shapes and curves seem to pulsate with life.

Her inspirations were Jean-Baptiste Oudry / Rosa Bonheur / Robert Bateman

Through her paintings she seeks to create an emotion in the viewer, the look of the animal being for her the vector of it as well as the light allowing to model the bodies. Brush or pencil, painting, drawing, pastel, are all techniques that allow her to transpose on canvas the authenticity of the animal where the precision characterizes her work.
In love with animals, in particular felines, she often begins her canvas with their look, vector of the authentic emotion of her subjects. The animal then comes to life on her canvas where it draws us into its reality, for a moment, the time to transmit its emotion.

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