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Charlotte Gagnon

Artist Painter -
Figurative and abstract art

Address :

Sainte-Sophie Québec, Canada


Charlotte Gagnon, is a French Canadian artist born in Quebec. She spent the first part of her life in Saguenay where she studied visual arts at the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi. She then left her region to settle in Montreal, where for several years she taught art. Teaching allowed her to realize many projects and to be in constant contact with creation. During this period she had several exhibitions, some of which were solo. Her passion for painting has never left her.

Now retired from teaching, she exhibits more regularly. She has also been responsible for a group of artists, an art gallery and a public art project for the last two years. Through painting, creation now takes its place.

Artistic approach

Charlotte Gagnon expresses herself primarily through painting. She allows an imaginary world to inhabit a physical space, intangible feelings and emotions to express themselves. She lets the gesture express itself freely, and the image is born and grows in an intuitive and abstract way.

Her paintings are suggestions, impressions, fleeting moments, ambivalent, undefined places that leave room for the viewer and his interpretation. The canvas is a place where abstraction and figuration meet.

 The space to be inhabited, remains present in his artistic work where the organization of the space is an important concern.

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