Caroline Durocher

Artistic photographer -
Figurative art

Address :

Deux-Montagnes (Québec), Canada


Caroline Durocher was born in Montreal in 1977.

Attracted by the theatrical movement at the age of 16, she took her first pictures with staging. The magic of the image makes her feel a deep emotion. From then on, she knew that she wanted to make photographs, to tell a story and to make people who look at her feel the intensity that can inhabit us. 

In 2001, before the end of her studies in photography at the CEGEP du Vieux-Montréal, she launches herself on the photography market. The contracts that came her way distanced her from the fantastic and artistic imagery of the feeling she dreamed of, but they made her live from photography. She worked as a photojournalist for about ten years. At that time, she discovered that her lens accentuated her hypersensitivity. With the last of her lenses, she is confronted with the discomfort and anguish of people, even though they are smiling brightly. People don't like themselves, and have a distorted body image.

This disturbing observation leads her to be more interested in the human being, in introspection and psychology. She wants to show people that they are beautiful and more; make them feel it. In 2014, she enrolled in psychology at the university, took several trainings and became a therapist specializing in human relations.

She wishes to express a bit of beauty, to transmit emotions through aesthetic reflection: between strength and fragility, light and darkness while offering a bit of softness.

Artistic approach

Women are undoubtedly the favorite subject of Caroline Durocher. The vast majority of her works feature female characters of all ages. All show the woman in her multiple dimensions with her share of paradoxes where the shadow and the light are side by side. The artist is interested in the story of each of these women, touching, always charged with emotion. She seeks a way to tell these stories in images, which gives the works an undeniable strength and depth. These women literally become works of art, many of them feeling this tremendous transformation during the photographic sessions. For this artist, taking a portrait is not only an artistic process, it is also a spiritual process that opens up to the woman the whole world that lies within her.

If in her works, women are the subject of choice, the setting in which Caroline Durocher stages them is just as fundamental in her approach, because nature is at the same time so strong, so fragile and so bewitching... just like the women she photographs! Her works show these two forces often in complementarity, sometimes in opposition, as if one was the reverse of the other, as if they were united by a sacred alliance.