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Carine Génadry

Artist Painter -
Animal art - botanical printing

Address :

Saint-Calixte, Lanaudière, Québec


Carine Génadry was born in Montreal in 1983. She now lives in the Lanaudière region, in Saint-Calixte, surrounded by the nature that inspires her so much and that provides her with plants, her raw material. Indeed, through a unique approach, Carine composes her works around the theme of the connection to nature, using plants directly printed on paper with a gel plate and acrylic.

Her artistic influences are based on contemporary artists who master expressive and mystical animal art, such as Rebecca Haines or Keith Joubert. In addition, Carine's artistic approach and life choices are evolving more and more around permaculture principles based on the functioning of nature. In fact, she obtained a certificate in Permaculture in 2016 which allowed her to deepen this ecological approach.

Since 2007, Carine has been a graduate of Concordia University in Art Education. Thanks to her creativity and her desire to help, she accompanies young people as well as adults with special needs, to guide them in art or social integration. It was during a workshop offered by an art teaching conference that she discovered the monotype technique, a printing process that would become a unique trigger for her current style.

Artistic approach

Endless source of inspiration, nature is my definition of Beauty. The forms, colors, textures, light, fauna and flora that I capture during my contemplations are found on my canvases as my favorite subjects. I interpret their essence on a broader level than the superficial image, to bring out their spiritual nature. In effect, I play with the idea of interconnectedness between living things that are all part of a greater whole and I paint what I interpret of their separate entity.

My creative process begins as soon as I pick the wild plants that surround me. The use of plants in my creative process is essential; I collect memories of my time in nature and use their aesthetic richness and multiple attractions.

In addition, art and permaculture are continually intertwined in my life, integrating into my approach certain ecological principles related to the functioning of nature. I value diversity and synergy between elements through the idea of connection, or resilience in the face of change to achieve balance.

Using a gel plate, I explore the infinite possibilities of this printing technique that allows the plants I choose to leave their traces and contribute to the life of my monotypes. I play with the negative and the positive of the printed plant, which can become as much the result of a work on paper, as a composition in collage on wood. In addition, I work with acrylics by superimposing several layers to allow the colors to melt together, and the botanical motifs to surprise me.

We are human, but we are also a part of nature, of the entire biosphere... What is reflected in my paintings is an attempt to unify the plant and animal world to remind us of where our deep common sources come from.

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