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Artist Painter - Oil painting - Figurative art

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Montréal, Québec

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+1 514 419 6098

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CaBro was born in 1962 in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) and still lives there today. As a child, she already felt the call for oil painting and began to explore it seriously at the age of 25. It was at boarding school that she began her student life and the nuns instilled in her a taste for the arts.

Her mentor was Escher, the artist who could not be classified. He is said to be a builder of impossible worlds. She was fascinated by his talent and his mastery of perspective. The observation of Escher's work, will allow her, at first, to be particularly interested in the monochrome and to discover all the possibilities with the black and the white.

She participates in group exhibitions and various symposiums in Quebec and takes part in the first edition of "Les Arabesques" in St-Saviniens sur Charente in Europe where she will be the only artist from overseas.

Today, CaBro takes you on a journey to Asia with her oil paintings on canvas, where she incorporates a touch of red to enliven her works with a strong Vietnamese or Japanese tendency.

Artistic approach

Rather conservative, she opts for figurative works and uses oil for all the shades of grey that this medium allows her. She loves the challenge that monochrome gives her and the difficulty of working with black and white. It is a challenge that is renewed with each canvas she composes to make it pleasant and soothing at the same time. Her works are marked by modernity despite the fact that she uses a rather conventional method.

Her inspiration comes from simple gestures of the daily life of the Japanese or Vietnamese culture. The latter having preserved the ways of doing things in the past, as much for the cultivation of rice or transportation with the bicycle.

She thus wishes to transpose the ardor and the ancestral know-how as much as the pacifism of this nation and to give them finally their letters of nobility.

As for the Japanese culture, it is the world of samurais and geishas that appeals to her with their majestic and flamboyant costumes. We can expect her to develop these avenues further.

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