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Artist Painter -
Abstract and figurative art

Address :

Saint-Hippolyte (Laurentides), Québec


Painter Bolieu was born in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) in 1964 and now lives in the Laurentian region.

A seasoned technician, a seasoned colorist and holder of several college and university diplomas in visual arts, she has favored teaching adults over her professional practice for over 25 years. For the past fifteen years, her singular inner world has been taking over, imposing itself and exposing itself for the greatest pleasure of all!

With her works the artist participates in more than forty prestigious group exhibitions, some of which are international (Canada, France, Spain, Tunisia). She has been honored during several solo exhibitions and numerous symposiums in Canada, jury member, honorary president, guest artist, member of the Quebec delegation in Tunisia, gold and silver medalist, and recipient of many recognitions from her peers and the public. Her works are found in private and public collections, studied in institutions, commissioned and published. She is now a Knight Academician of the Mondial Art Academia.

Among the significant encounters that have greatly influenced her are the cartoon work of Walt Disney (USA), the chiaroscuro of Rembrandt (Holland), all of Dali (Spain), all of Magritte (Belgium) and two of her contemporaries: Yvan Meunier and Dominic Besner (Quebec).

His compositions, now mostly abstract, tell you stories with dreamlike atmospheres: the colors are his characters and the textures his background.

Each of his paintings is a high mass and each time, you are the illustrious guest!

Artistic approach

Trained as a hyperrealist, Bolieu has worked and taught this artistic movement. Over time, surrealism imposed itself on her, it won her great favor and kept it for a long time; it allowed her a playful figuration by denaturing the subject and its color, but by keeping a visual fully understandable to all.

The years follow one another and purify his paintings of their figurative forms to the benefit of a sensory imprint only carried by the strength of the chromatic harmonies. To free his gesture, the supports become larger and allow a play of abundant textures. True light catchers, iridescent pigments, gold or silver leaf, inlaying of matter and metallized film complete the mixed technique.

And finally, the entire work is cast in epoxy resin which serves as a case and magnifies all its subtleties.

Each painting is for her the opportunity to tell you the story she has in mind and that she writes with her brushes. These stories are inspired by snippets of happiness or simply by a color that calls to her. For her it is always a perfect opportunity to invite you into her head; the colors vibrate and sparkle, dance and twirl to the rhythm of the silent music of the textures that punctuate the festivities.

You are the illustrious guest in each of her paintings!

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