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Abstract art "Valse des couleurs en liberté".

Quebec artist painter: Gisèle Vivier.

December 2023, Mont-St-Pierre, QC, Canada.

Theme : colored painting, colored abstract, poetic abstract, lyrical abstract painting, contemporary painting, intuitive painting, contemporary abstract art, intuitive abstract art, textured abstract painting, textured abstract work.

Style : abstract art, abstract expressionism, dripping

Original artwork size: 12 x 36 inches / 30.5 x 91.44 cm.

Reproduction size: 12 x 36 inches / 30.5 x 91.44 cm.

Technique: acrylic, dripping, abstract expressionism

Dominant colors: white, blue, yellow, cyan, magenta

Hanging system included:

Floating frame

Artist's interpretation of the work:

"Valse des couleurs en Liberté", a dynamic explosion of vivid colors and fluid textures that seems to dance freely across the canvas, invites a visual experience full of life and movement.

In this abstract work, shades of blue, green, yellow and red interact boldly, creating a spontaneous, deeply vibrant harmony. The vertical orientation of the painting evokes an ascension where each hue seems to rise, merge and dissociate in an aerial choreography. Projections and droplets of paint introduce an element of surprise, capturing the true essence of transformation and renewal.

"Valse des couleurs en liberté" celebrates unfettered expression; each gesture plays a note in a symphony of creative freedom. It offers an invitation to surrender to vibratory flow and pure emotion.

Valse des couleurs en liberté - Gisèle Vivier

  • The work is built up gradually, guided by intuition. Each gesture is a source of wonder, revealing a gentle, poetic serenity. In her quest for beauty, harmony and balance, the artist draws mainly on the positive energy provided by color.

*Colors may vary from one screen to another.

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