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Symbolic semi-abstract art "Spirale de dentelle".

Artist: Florence Laurent.

2020, Sussargues (France).


Theme : Nature, Animals, dripping, intuitive painting, femininity, bird.

Style : Semi-abstract art, animal art and symbolic art

Format original artwork : 31.5 x 47.2 inches / 80 x 120 cm.

Reproduction size : 8 x 12 inches / 20.3 x 30.5 cm, 16 x 24 inches / 40.6 x 61 cm and 32 x 48 inches / 82.6 x 121.9 cm.

Dominant colors : gray, black, white


Hanging system included :

Floating frame


Interpretation of the work by the artist:

A bow of lace in the foreground, a couple of birds, a fantastic world in the background... sort of dripping massive boulders seem to rise into the air. A rising force springs of the eye of a bird's head huge, symbol of the species in danger of extinction, surrounded by a bed of feathers. This large format canvas has delicate and natural hues.


The beautiful natural color of linen is apparent in places. A graphic work in charcoal and India ink, glazes of diluted acrylic paint creating transparencies, expertly controlled drips to represent white lace, the artist played with techniques to evoke the fragility, femininity and vital energy.

Spirale de dentelle - Florence Laurent

PriceFrom 182,00C$
  • For Florence LAURENT, the imagination is filled with symbolic images, images that she lets appear in her paintings. During an unconscious process she welcomes these symbols, builds abstract landscapes from an emotional dialogue with colors. 


    The state of meditative communion that she feels in front of the mystery of Creation, she strives to find it again at the moment of the act of painting.

*Colors may vary from one screen to another.

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