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Symbolic semi-abstract art "Ode aux oiseaux n°1".

Artist: Florence Laurent.

2020, Sussargues (France).


Theme : Nature, Animals, line, drawing, bird.

Style : Semi-abstract art, animal art and symbolic art

Format original artwork : 29.1 x 73.2 inches / 53 x 186 cm

Reproduction size : 10 x 37 inches / 25.4 x 94 cm and 21 x 74 inches / 53.3 x 188 cm.

Dominant colors : black, blue, gray


Hanging system included :

Floating frame


Interpretation of the work by the artist:

Ode aux oiseaux n°1 is part of a series of 5 kakemonos.


This work refers to bird extinction danger who particularly affects the artist. She was made with their cause in mind. The charcoal line is strong and dark like urgency. The shaded blues evoke lost beauty. The spiral of time turns and the loss is irretrievable... This terrible observation which affects the younger generations is symbolized by 1 giant eye watching this "spectacle" that of a human or that of a bird asking us to act?

The egg, the nest with a mother feeding her baby bird gives hope for the continuity of life!

The artist has combined different drawing and painting techniques: charcoal, dry pastel and acrylic paint on paper. The dynamics of the black line and the pastel colors are reminiscent Kandinsky's influence on the artist's work.


The format vertical, that of Japanese or Chinese kakemonos, presents a big originality. It can decorate a wall of small width, or a vertical space of great height.

Ode aux oiseaux n°1 - Florence Laurent

PriceFrom C$322.00
  • For Florence LAURENT, the imagination is filled with symbolic images, images that she lets appear in her paintings. During an unconscious process she welcomes these symbols, builds abstract landscapes from an emotional dialogue with colors. 


    The state of meditative communion that she feels in front of the mystery of Creation, she strives to find it again at the moment of the act of painting.

*Colors may vary from one screen to another.

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