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Floral art "Ici et là". 

Painter and printmaker : Hélène Routhier

2023, Atelier Circulaire, Montreal


Theme: nature, horticulture, botany


Style: floral figurative art

Original size: 39 x 48 inches / 99 x 121.9 cm.

Reproduction size: 17 x 21 inches / 43.2 x 53.3 cm 30 x 37 inches / 76.2 x 94 cm and 39 x 48 / 99 x 121.9 cm.

Technique: intaglio print, monotype

Dominant colors: blue


Hanging system included :

Floating frame


Artist's interpretation of the work:

The ligular sheet with which the artist had made a monotype had broken into pieces, and ink was staining them. There were also beautiful traces of previous prints on the plexiglass.  She created this work using all these magnificent remnants.

Ici et là - Hélène Routhier

PriceFrom C$316.00
  • She is interested in abstraction, research and experimentation, with all their surprises and errors. For her, creation is a dance with the random, where the reactions of the material to her gesture surprise her and lead to expressive works in motion.

*Colors may vary from one screen to another.

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