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Figurative artistic "De l'autre côté".

Artist : Nadjejda Gilbert.

2016, Saint-Isidore, Quebec


Theme : character, portrait, woman, organic.

Style: semi-abstract figurative art.

Original size : 24 x 36 inches / 60 x 96 x 91x44 cm.

Reproduction size: 12 x 18 inches / 30.48 x 45.72 cm and 24 x 36 inches / 60 x 96 x 91x44 cm.

Dominant colors: white, black and gray.


Hanging system included:

Floating frame


Artist's interpretation of the work:

Enigmatic gaze of a woman with black hair pulled up in a braid, illustrated in a very sober color palette, with exclusively black, gray and white. Her white skin on a white background stands out for the texts engraved on her skin, such as: find love, find strength, find life. An invitation to find your reason for living.

De l'autre côté - Nadjejda Gilbert

PriceFrom C$243.00
  • Nadjejda has chosen to work with portraits, because they are extraordinary vehicles for ideas and emotions. She particularly enjoys establishing a connection with the viewer through the eyes of her characters. Isn't it said that the eyes are the reflection of the soul?

    In a figurative style with an abstract touch, she uses both acrylic paint and collage techniques to create her works. She constructs texts and chooses words on subjects that inspire her and integrates them into her painting.

*Colors may vary from one screen to another.

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