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Abstract art "Cascade des rêves".

Quebec artist painter: Gisèle Vivier.

December 2023, Mont-St-Pierre, QC, Canada.

Theme : colored painting, colored abstract, poetic abstract, lyrical abstract painting, contemporary painting, intuitive painting, contemporary abstract art, intuitive abstract art, textured abstract painting, textured abstract work.

Style : abstract art, abstract expressionism, dripping

Original artwork size: 12 x 36 inches / 30.5 x 91.44 cm.

Reproduction size: 12 x 36 inches / 30.5 x 91.44 cm.

Technique: acrylic, dripping, abstract expressionism

Dominant colors: white, yellow, cyan, magenta

Hanging system included:

Floating frame

Artist's interpretation of the work:

"Cascade of Dreams" invokes fluidity and power, transformed into a firework display of color and emotion. Captured in slender aplomb, this painting depicts a deluge of vibrant hues pouring out with force and grace, evoking dreamlike avalanches where thoughts and aspirations mingle in a whirlwind of sensations.

Bright yellow, fiery red and deep blue intertwine with touches of white, creating the illusion of perpetual motion that draws the eye into a dizzying fall. The bold, dynamic use of tonalities invites contemplative meditation, during which each drop of paint seems to tell an ephemeral story immortalized on canvas.

Cascade des rêves - Gisèle Vivier

  • The work is built up gradually, guided by intuition. Each gesture is a source of wonder, revealing a gentle, poetic serenity. In her quest for beauty, harmony and balance, the artist draws mainly on the positive energy provided by color.

*Colors may vary from one screen to another.

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