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Working from the heart

Action Déco is Working from the heart

Action Déco is not my first business. I've had a few in various spheres, which I created according to my desires of the moment and for money. After all, that's one of the reasons to be in business, money.

Not anymore, at least for me. Action Déco, I started with the idea of identifying an untapped market niche, a need expressed by artists and the desire to put my entrepreneurial skills at the service of others. Yes, I want to create my financial independence, it's a human necessity, but it's not what makes me sit at my desk, day after day.

I am so detached from the financial aspect that I don't chase money. I work to make Action Deco grow through the day-to-day activities and opportunities that arise.

The only financial attachment I have is to my artists. I feel indebted to them for the results of the company's sales, since they receive royalties. I want them to be able to enjoy the fruits of our efforts, to prosper, to grow, here and now.

I am so detached that I have chosen to put my future profits at the service of the planet and to make Action Déco grow even more to favor my artists. After all, I have enough to eat, a very comfortable roof over my head, enough clothes for the next 20 years. What's the point of accumulating wealth for ourselves when it's good to share?

I speak to the I, but this aspect of entrepreneurial development I share with my corporate better half Brigitte Dijon. This is probably what makes us cooperate so well together, this heart base that is at the center of all our actions and thoughts. We want everyone to be happy, our artists as well as our different working partners. No matter what the numbers are today, we know that we are moving in the right direction, for the greater good of all.

This beautiful energy of the heart leads Brigitte and me to surpass ourselves, to reinvent ourselves, to seize and provoke opportunities.

This beautiful energy of the heart is creative and I am happy to share it with you who take the time to read me, to follow us, to see us grow.

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