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Why all the noise?

Wall art printed on white aluminum Symbolic art "Everflowering Lady".   Artist : Virginie Hentzienne.

Is it me who's intolerant, or do humans in general have to live in noise to be happy? I'm thinking here of all those whirring entertainments, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, motorboats. Even my printer gets in on the act of annoying my ears, when to print a single page it has to make its own diagnosis with vibrations, sounds and beeps that are meant to be melodious.


I'm also thinking of my neighbor who's renovating his house with the radio in the carpet... Why do I have to listen to it? It's summer, I want to enjoy my outdoor paradise in peace and quiet! Don't headphones still exist? Live and let live, it's got to work every which way.


Even technology isn't silent. Every button on my remote controls makes a sound, the ice-cream maker gurgles, the countertop oven beeps loudly when it's finished cooking, even though it shuts off automatically, the microwave sends out shrill reminders when I'm not paying attention. Why make so much noise everywhere? The list goes on.


All this noise takes away my peace of mind, my zenitude and my patience. And imagine, most of my acre is wooded... trees are magnificent sound screens. All the more reason to plant more of them, which I have nothing against, quite the contrary. I can't imagine what it's like to live in the city or in recent residential areas where every trace of trees has been cut down by developers.


Fortunately, my daily work is both beautiful and good. Beautiful, because each work I offer for reproduction is a pure marvel of realization, and good, because I plant 2 trees for each of my sales, while paying my artists. All I have to do is look at one of the reproductions I have at home or browse my website to calm my auditory anguish.


That's one of the benefits of art: it calms stress. And what could be better than choosing wall art that makes you feel good? Like this Everflowering Lady by Viriginie Hentzienne, shown here. Her gentle face and warm colors bring me back to the present moment, to the sweetness of silence. Printed on white aluminum, its satin touch can only soften an anguished heart.


If you too suffer from anxiety, auditory like me or otherwise, getting some wall art can only do you good.


Christiane who plants trees by selling reproductions 🌳🌳🌳

2 trees planted per reproduction sold 🥰

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