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When the printer imprints on your heart...

When the printer imprints on your heart...

...Or when you know you're with the right person.

At the very beginning of the Action Deco adventure, we had to do some research on the potential of printing art on white aluminum and acrylic. Not knowing the market, we sent similar emails to a few printers. Our questions were very simple. Do you do this type of printing, how does it work, how much does it cost, what about delivery, do you have any advice for our young, pre-start-up business?

Of all the companies we contacted, only one really stood out. Not only did the owner himself respond promptly to our email, he also took the trouble to call us, to make sure he gave us a lot of information, to anticipate questions.

At that moment we knew. We knew that he was THE business partner, our direct complement, the one we were with to build our success and increase his own by default. This certainty was so deep that we never thought of going to see the quality of the products, to visit his company. We just knew.

This relationship was natural from the very beginning and was confirmed when we visited several months later. We had this impression of déjà-vu, already known. We were welcomed by all the members of the team, who, each from their workstation, took the time to smile at us, explain their task, guide us, and let us savor our discovery.

For those who know me, Christiane, I live my emotions to the fullest. I can clap my hands, jump up and down, express myself like a little girl when I am happy and positively surprised.

This is what happened when we visited our printer. I was as amazed by everything I discovered as I would be by a unicorn. It was a magical moment, one worthy of the Walt Disney world I live in.

Did this printer see a potentially lucrative client in us? Did he have this intuition that we would have a great relationship? Was he charmed by our "young" entrepreneurial candor? It's hard to say.

What is easy to say, however, is that he is accessible, cooperative, understanding and above all patient. We have had many questions! We always get quick answers, we get extras when some photo files are not optimal. We can use their images, show up at the last minute on a Friday night to pick up orders.

It is to Action Deco what we are to our clients and artists, and that is valuable to us.

All of our relationships being so warm and privileged, how can we not be devoted to our Action Déco?

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