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When the brand image is essential

When the brand image is essential

Brigitte and Christiane are the Women in Black of our profession!

In order to be in the tone of the Facebook and Instagram news, Brigitte and I chose to play the game of a superb photo session. The killer question: what should we wear to stay ourselves (my outfit is quite colorful while Brigitte is more sober)? What should we wear to showcase the company and our prints?

Simply black. What started out as a trial run, has stayed, for the 500 or so photos we've taken. The fact that we were both wearing heart-shaped pendants did not go unnoticed and represented very well the women we are.

Without knowing it, without even consciously thinking about it, we had just found a part of the Action Deco brand image. While I was in the middle of learning how to improve my visuals and we had chosen to take our branding a notch higher, a simple event offered us everything in combination, on a silver platter. Life is beautiful, isn't it?

Our 2 beautiful personalities are radiant, our energy positive and overflowing, our smile constant, our laughter contagious. What's the point of wanting to transmit through our clothes what is already perceptible and visible?

So, let's leave all the room to our stars, the reproductions! Let us be charmed by their colors, their depths. Let the acrylic glitter and absorb our gaze. Let white aluminum bewitch and soothe us with its shimmering finish.

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