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We play in the big league...

Action Déco plays in the big league...

Palais des Congrès, here we come!

Yes, the Palais des Congrès in Montreal is waiting for us this May. What better way to celebrate the month of flowers than to get Action Déco out of its offices?

We will be exhibiting for 3 beautiful days at the Salon de la Femme de Montréal. Since the situation now allows it, why not take advantage of the mild weather and the presence of a multitude of women - gentlemen, you are welcome by the way - to dust off our butts and bring out the fabulous reproductions that adorn Brigitte's and I' respective offices?

What is beautiful about this adventure, already started in its preparation, is that we are so well surrounded! Not only was the announcement to our artists unanimous, but many of them spontaneously offered us their help. Help from a distance, on the ground, from the conception to the realization of the exhibition, everything and everywhere!

Just that (well, the word "just" is very small here), is worth millions. Millions of dollars, hugs, love. Being the big girls that we are, Brigitte and I had the idea of doing everything by ourselves, after all, this is not our first experience with this.

Although sharing the work is a relief, the fact that our artists offered to give their time with heart and good humor indicates that we are in the right place at the right time with our company!

This is not the first time I have spoken of love in different facets with Action Déco. Once again, the proof is there, it can be felt, it can be lived, it can be savored.

When we created Action Déco, we knew that we would have a lot of fun working there, but we never expected so much Love, with a capital A.

I've said it before, I love my artists. Thank you all for being here.

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