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Volvo vs Action Déco

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Volvo versus reproductions

Or how I liken a car purchase to a decorating purchase.

When I bought my second-to-last SUV, a 2015 Volvo, I did so on a hunch.

I knew I needed to change my vehicle, as the old one was starting to cost an arm and a leg in parts and the model didn't suit my business at the time.

One morning, I knew I had to go to Volvo. I knew that this was the right time and that I would find my happiness there. Being the intuitive that I am, I never analyzed my budget for this purchase, what I could afford and all those very masculine considerations external to my unicorn world.

I knew I was sticking with Volvo for its handling, unique comfort and safety features. I also needed room to carry my workout gear for the Pilates teacher I was at the time.

Unknowingly, when I arrived, I parked right next to the vehicle that would become mine a few signatures later. I knew it was going to be MY truck so much that I didn't even try it on. Its red color, its blue and silver accessories, its large storage space charmed me. Every time I drove it, I felt, lived and saw the characteristics for which I had acquired it.

This is what I want to transmit with the Action Deco reproductions. That there is a recognition of a standard of quality and exclusivity in the fact that they are limited editions, with a certificate of authenticity. Unusual media, white aluminum and acrylic are not common on the market.

Our reproductions provide an ambiance to your living space, as Volvo makes every drive an experience in itself. Plus, our reproductions are less expensive than a car. You might as well take advantage of it!

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