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Tribute to my father

Action Déco it's a tribute to my father

My father disappeared one night a long time ago. He didn't show up for dinner, he was like clockwork. When my mother called me to tell me how worried she was, I knew I would never see him again. I understood why, a few days earlier, I had gone out of my way just to tell him that I loved him. I had never had this emotional outburst with him.

He was later found with the help of specialized police officers and tracking dogs. It was during a walk in the forest that his life ended, a tree fell on him. He died happily, in his element, nature.

He was an art lover in his own way. Every summer he would go to symposiums and buy paintings according to his desires, as the walls of my childhood home still testify. He was also an artist in his own way. He would tastefully restore antique furniture for resale and create extraordinary floral arrangements for his landscaping clients.

He must have come up to me and said hello from up there for me to think of him in that way. This is the very first time I have made a connection between us, other than the fact that he was an entrepreneur like I am.

I have his love of the arts as I am now in the painting reproduction business. However, I was never really interested in his purchases or his trips to exhibitions.

I also have his love of the forest that he must have passed on to me in the deepest part of my genes since my ambition today is to reforest the planet, one reproduction at a time.

These links with my father make me feel warm in my heart. I wasn't aware of it at all until an image formed in my head, that of Dad in front of an artist's booth. Curious since I don't remember accompanying him during any symposium.

If it was you, Dad, who inspired this image, I thank you. I am really happy to realize that we have these common points, the love of art and nature. I understand now where these two passions come from and they are now my leitmotivs.

I invite you to accompany me in the growth of my business. With your good taste and business sense, I can only succeed.

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