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There is no such thing as competition

There is no such thing as competition

In business, I firmly believe that there is room for everyone, both sellers and buyers. Every seller of a product or service has their own niche and personality that attracts the right people to them.

I have never understood those who fight tooth and nail to get customers. It is rather negative, stressful for the customer and takes a lot of energy for this type of entrepreneur.

Brigitte and I created Action Déco with the idea of being a complementary market to our artists and not a competitive one. They offer you their originals, sometimes reproductions on canvas or paper and related products. We complement them with our reproductions on white aluminum and acrylic. Their products do not go outside, ours do. They mainly target a collector's market, we target the decoration one.

We are so complementary that a client, who had purchased a beautiful original by Bolieu - Mundo Artwork, also bought the same work reproduced on aluminum for her office. She didn't want to miss out on enjoying her huge favorite whether she was at work or at home.

Our artists and we put each other forward for the greater satisfaction of our customers, art and decoration lovers who have even more to see.

To thus distinguish ourselves allows us not only to enlarge the possible market of our artists, but also to go looking for our very own niche, of people who want a unique and innovative product, to stand out from the mass, to get a work of art which will last in time, their heart and their decoration, certificate of authenticity in support.

Being in a complementary market in this way leads Brigitte and I to work hand in hand, heart to heart, with our community of artists. We know each of them, we interact with them in different ways, regularly. We can talk to you about them with full knowledge and sincerity, which makes their work even more beautiful, more alive, more human. Can you say the same about a painting bought in a superstore? Certainly not.

It was the pandemic that gave birth to the idea of Action Déco. It is our big heart that wished to work in complementarity and not competitiveness. It is the crossing of our paths at Brigitte and me, in an artistic training company, which naturally shaped this human and open link with our artists.

No, competition does not exist. Being in a complementary market as we are provides us daily with our share of beautiful positive surprises, love and sharing.

That's what Action Déco is all about, beyond its products.

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