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The secret of my happiness...

The secret of my happiness

Would you like to know the secret of my happiness? If so, read the following lines.

My happiness lies in the fact that I succeed, most of the time, in letting go of what I cannot control. I've had my moments, like many people, of getting caught up in the mold, of taking offense at the government, of storming off against the cold, the snow, the ice, of acquiescing to the little negative things conveyed by social networks, the media.

I have chosen to have thousands of small happinesses every day that make my days total successes, wonders that modulate at each sunrise according to what will happen in the hours to come.

I look forward to any kind of weather, dress accordingly if I have to go out or reschedule an appointment, or get a ride (thanks honey!). I look forward to sending poor quality photos, of my cats, of my surrounding nature, and receiving positive feedback.

I welcome my ideas, my inspirations, what sometimes doesn't work in what I do, because these are lessons to be learned.

I rejoice in taking the time to send positive, happy texts to brighten the lives of people I love, without waiting for a response from them.

I enjoy talking to artists, whether I know them or not, whether they are from Action Déco or not, our conversations are always colorful. What a joy to receive a unicorn, an angel, by email and to put my messages in full color, which I can afford in this artistic world in which I "work". To notice the pleasure in someone's voice when hearing mine at the end of the phone. And I could give you miles of pages of these pleasures.

And I wouldn't be the Christiane you know - or are getting to know - if I failed to mention my cats, the walks they take me on with their leashes, the games in the blankets, or their fun with our little ferrets.

I have chosen as my daily mantra recently: I live in peace, love, joy and harmony. This is what I live by in the thousands of little joys. I can't even begin to express, with these few words, how happy I am.

And you, what is the secret of your happiness?

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