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Sweet rebel, I don't apply the rules

Action Déco does things differently

Those of the social networks which stipulate that to succeed in standing out you must make ''reels'', be on Tik Tok, share customer testimonials, make stories. All this on a regular basis, while being yourself and having fun doing it.


Without that, success will not be there. Pfffff, I don't believe it. But be careful, I'm not saying you shouldn't do anything, you should just adapt what's trendy to your desires and abilities.


You know what? I stopped worrying about all those rules that made me feel like I was chained to a jailer with a whip. I created an account on Tik Tok, but working from my cell phone makes me sick, figuratively speaking. Brigitte showed me how to make reels. With her by my side I manage to do it, it's funny and easy, she guides me step by step. Alone, I forget everything, nothing comes to me, my mind becomes blurred, I look for my painkillers.


The 2 notions that suit me best are those of being myself and of enjoying what I do. In these conditions, which are now mine full time, I vibrate loud and clear to transmit my message, to put forward my artists and their fabulous work, to show you how much reforestation means to me and how much I am tripping over cats, my little Bromont paradise and all the animals that are part of it.


I'm glowing. Who isn't attracted to the sun when it shines brightly in the sky? This is how I feel, like the sun, to be rebellious and to remain in pleasure. As Stéphanie Méthé, my coach flyée, says so well: have a structure of pleasure! This is what I have created for myself thanks to her good advice. I shine in the structure I have built for myself. And this radiance reaches people in a different way, quite simply.


It is because of this gentle rebellion that I dared to combine my desire to plant trees on a large scale with the sale of my prints. The name of one of my personal Facebook profiles is even ''Christiane Plante des Arbres''. Not following these famous rules allows me to let go, to see and accept beautiful opportunities that come to me, to my artists.


It was only after trying that I realized that it is not for me to be in the mold. I believe in my own success and if I don't achieve it through social networks, it will be otherwise. Life always brings us what's right for us at the right time anyway. So why bother?


Action Déco, your wall decoration, your emotion and greenery galore

1 tree in the world with our printer / 1 tree in the Eastern Townships with the Fondation SÉTHY

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