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Saving the planet, one reproduction at a time.

Saving the planet, one reproduction at a time.

Saving the planet, one reproduction at a time. How is this possible, you may ask, since I generate a product?

Well, it's simple, but first let me give you a short story.

When I had the idea of creating a new business, I wanted it to have as little ecological impact as possible. I love my planet and its inhabitants so much that the idea of generating waste breaks my heart. The best of the best would have been to go into upcycling, but knowing my creative non-talents, my business would have been doomed to failure. So what can I do to combine respect for the planet and entrepreneurship?

Showcasing the talents of others is simple.

I could have chosen the life of a hermit, which would have been a solution while detaching myself from the worries of daily life, but my contribution would have been very minimal, without much social and environmental impact. As a person who thinks big, very big, my heart is just as overwhelmed by the decrease in the size of the Amazonian forest as it is by the lack of food for the deer behind my house due to the ever-increasing construction of houses.

Yes it's true, a reproduction is one more product in circulation. But considering that:

Prints are made on demand, no inventory

  • We reproduce 150 units of an original work (so only one original is created)

  • We use existing printing resources

  • Our printer plants a tree for each reproduction made

  • I work from home, so I don't have to travel

  • I don't create any new product since I collaborate with artists from here and elsewhere.

  • I promote the economy of my artists and all those who work closely or remotely with Action Déco.

In short, there is so much positive in the balance that, in the end, each Action Déco reproduction favors the planet and I'm very proud of that.

And more than that, I intend, with the profits I will make, to participate even more actively and directly in the reforestation of our beautiful Earth. I have everything I need to be happy, why keep it all for myself when there is such a great need all over the world?

If you also want to do your part and choose your decoration product, your reproduction, which will allow to plant a tree while supporting the local economy, call me and I will be happy to advise you!

And you, what is the secret of your happiness?

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