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Real people, real talent

The artists of Action Déco

I am often asked: aren't you afraid of the competition? Aren't you afraid of that poster company, that huge online art gallery, that other company that sells images on metal?

And I ask back. Competition? Where do you see competition?

I work with real artists, who have a name, a history, an experience, an artistic approach, something I don't find in some "competitors". I know my artists, from near or far, but never too far. I talk with them, I get to know them, I meet them at their stables, their homes, at a symposium or by Zoom if the distance is great.

The whole process of Action Déco's business is based on a relationship that is built between me and my artists. They are not nameless, faceless, numbers that come to garnish my display. They are a family, my family, the one I share with you over time. They are my babies, my pride.

Their babies are the works of art they create to give a soul to your home, your little corner of paradise, your office. Because yes, decorating your home means giving it a soul, an energy, which is difficult to find in the imagery offered by the big chain stores. It is also difficult to know all the artists in an online gallery that is so huge that you don't know where to look.

That's why I don't see any competition. I know what it's like to want to find the perfect decoration. In this area, I have always had the support of my mom, and more recently my boyfriend, to ensure that not only does the place reflect my taste, but that I feel comfortable and at ease in my haven. Not that I don't have confidence in myself, but who doesn't seek the approval of a friend, of someone around us to confirm that we made the right choice?

This happened recently to a client who was overjoyed that her decorator also had a crush on the coveted reproduction. She told me she loved her home even more.

This is what I offer at Action Déco. A consulting service. Real people, that I know. Real talent on which I can comment, guide you, support you in your approach.

It is not uncommon to base one's choice to purchase a work of art on the fact that one associates oneself in some way with the artist and his or her approach. Why should it be any different when buying a print? Since I know my artists well, I can help you find that artist and his or her work that will make your heart beat and give a whole new dimension, a soul, an energy, to your living environment.

Meet the artists

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