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Netflix is doing its part at Action Deco!

Netflix is doing its part at Action Deco!

I've always loved words. Especially reading and writing them.

Because of this, I also love learning languages, for their richness, understanding their roots and the challenge of their uses.

I am learning English, because it is our second language here in Quebec, but also Spanish, simply because I like it and it is a conviction that I must integrate this beautiful language. I am as convinced of this as I know that the sun rises every morning and shines in me daily.

I am not a great traveler though, not easy to take a vacation with 5 quadrupeds!

One of the ways I train myself in these beautiful languages is Netflix. I enjoy my breakfast with delicious series in Spanish and I decant my day with exciting series in English. In both cases, I add subtitles to the foreign words, to double the effectiveness of my learning.

Although my understanding of another language is not always at its peak, I persevere and it pays off. It's paying off for me, I'm totally confident that my Franglaispagnol (Lamarche dictionary, hehe) will always be useful. It's also paying off for Action Déco today, since I'm now in charge of translating our website.

With good tools like Deepl, I'm assured of near-perfect translation and my current knowledge of English allows me to check and adjust the texts. My brain recognizes sentence structures that have been imprinted on me through my reading, whether it be through a novel or subtitles.

I enjoy this task immersing myself in a meditative state. So much so that I plan to do it again in Spanish in the medium term.

Who said watching TV was a waste of time? Thank you, Netflix for your indirect and so important contribution to the growth of Action Deco!

Do you have any topic ideas for us? Write them in the comments!

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