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My heart's desire

Updated: May 24, 2022

The chosen one of my heart, why I chose this African artwork

It took me over a year to figure out why I chose her. She is beautiful, it's true. The pencil stroke is professional, it's undeniable. I am not particularly attracted to figurative (human) or street art, being more of an animal and nature type. What an opposition for me! And yet, when the time came to choose my first reproduction, I didn't hesitate for a moment. I knew she would find her place in my home, as soon as I laid eyes on her.

The lucky one is Sunshine in the winter by Val Escoubet who has been in my office since her arrival. As much as I find her beautiful in pictures, she found a place in my heart when she arrived, well printed on her soft shimmering support that is white aluminum.

It was during a visit to my local zoo that I reconnected with my 2 trips to Kenya, during which I totally vibrated with the rhythm of this beautiful region and the animals that live there. Africa is an experience to be lived and I plan to return.

During this period of my life, my decor was composed of African objects that I no longer own, so goes life. It is probably very unconsciously that my heart went towards this work, to bring me back in this vibratory energy, renewed by the fact that I traded the animal for the human and a reproduction instead of my sculptures and masks.

Although I didn't question it, I am happy to have understood why my heart went to this particular piece. Only he always knows what we need and right now he needs Sunshine in the winter. Sunshine in my current life that does not allow me to travel. Sunshine that still makes me vibrate to the rhythm of Black Africa that I love so much. Sunshine that tells me that one day I will set foot there again.

And you, which of our reproductions makes you vibrate and why?

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