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Multiplying art and life

Works of art and forest side by side

This is my new slogan, the fruit of a long process of training, reflection and introspection. Jesus multiplied bread and wine, I multiply art and the living.


Art and the living are among the most beautiful and significant sources of satisfaction and happiness in life. By multiplying these two areas, we can encourage painting, music, dance, film and other forms of artistic expression. It also enables us to appreciate and protect natural life and the different species that inhabit it. By uniting art and life, we can enjoy both the creativity of humanity and the splendor of nature.


It took over 2 years to sum up the essence of Action Déco in this short phrase. I think this slogan now reflects the company's mission, it's catchy and intriguing. It even makes you want to participate, as a customer, in this multiplicity to which I'm very proud to contribute.


Offering limited-edition reproductions is a healthy way of multiplying art, spreading it widely and making it accessible to the consumer. Since art is essential to the well-being of the soul, it shouldn't be kept to oneself and in a market nestled out of reach. What's more, I also multiply the artist who gave life to each of the creations I offer on my website. His intention, his soul, his own talent.


Multiplying the living - that's the tree I plant with every sale. Our planet, so badly damaged by our bad habits of over-consumption, is in great need of this effort. Trees are a precious source of life, wealth, habitat and food, and they themselves contribute to the multiplication of life on Earth.


We should do our best to find ways of bringing art and living things together to create a richer, more harmonious world. My way is Action Déco and its products, which give you the opportunity to do your part, too, through the many reproductions made available to you.


Christiane, who plants trees and sells reproductions 🌳🌳🌳

2 trees planted per reproduction sold 🥰


Curious about the works shown in images?

Spoil yourself with a closer look:

Reproduction on white aluminum of the work De l'autre côté by painter Nadjejda Gilbert

Reproduction on acrylic of the work La roseraie by painter Louise Moreau

Reproduction of the work L'île les avaricieux by painter Quenick

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