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I am a connected hermit

I am a connected hermit
An online presence

I love the world, although I'm not outgoing, as we say here in Quebec, I also like to preserve the intimacy of my little family nest.

So I was born in the right era, the one where almost everything happens online. I think I was the only one, as far as I know, who was happy with the forced confinement, but really happy.

What a joy it is for me to connect with people through social networks, camera meetings, the phone. I log on, chat, shut down, and instantly return to my family of quadrupeds and my biped. All it takes is one tap of the keyboard (the modern version of snapping your fingers) to be back in my much-loved quietude.

This is one of the aspects I appreciate most about Action Déco, the opportunity to work from home, without wasting time on the road, without social obligations. I choose my social. When I want, with whom I want, as I want.

What a joy it is to receive a phone call from a client, to be in Zoom with my artists, to work remotely with my loving corporate half Brigitte.

I am thus very satisfied with this online social that contributes to my daily well-being.

And you, are you a connected hermit like me or do you prefer face-to-face like my sweet corporate half, Brigitte?

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