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It is possible to prosper without working.

It is possible to prosper without working.
Thriving without working

This is what I do every day.

I've built a business that I have fun with every day. It's always a pleasure to sit at my desk, answer my emails, social networks, phone. What a joy it is to be in contact with clients and artists. My meetings with my great complementary partner, Brigitte, are always under the sign of laughter.

I am always in a spirit of lightness where I never feel like I am working and which allows me to see the positive in everything.

To prosper is to be in a favorable situation, a period of growth, of development (thank you Mr. Larousse).

To prosper one step at a time. A new text, a new direct, a sharing of emotion, reflections to improve the company, new ideas that arise that may be good, or not. I grow with each contact, each message, each comment.

I also thrive on contact with my family, my 5 quadrupeds and my biped, as I take quality time with them daily, knowing that my business is thriving in the right direction.

This lightness does not prevent diligence and determination, quite the contrary. I know I am doing the right things, in the right direction to get the desired results. Yes, I want to reforest the planet, it's my biggest dream. I also want my artists to benefit. I want them to prosper through the warm human contact of our beautiful family, through the money they receive when they receive their well-deserved royalties.

After all, without their talent, Action Déco would not exist.

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