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I'm allergic to incompetence

Christiane planting trees in front of an acrylic reproduction by Dominique Desmeules

I know that nobody is perfect and that everyone does their best, at least in general. With this title I don't claim to be perfect, far from it. I can, however, claim to give more than the customer asks for, in all areas.


My allergy to incompetence is often, too often, revealed in the customer service department of the various businesses I frequent or contact. When you tell an employee that the flowers outside are dying and he looks at you with a shrug and goes back to his cell phone... When you're forced to hail the cashier to complete a transaction because he's busy making out with another employee... And it's not a question of generation.


I remember my early days as an employee. I tried to give the best possible service, and if a customer's request was out of my area of expertise, I referred it to the right person. It's so ingrained in me that to this day I still have the reflex to come to the aid of a consumer, who isn't mine, when I realize he's been left to fend for himself.


What I appreciate is being in contact with someone who not only answers my questions, but also offers me advice in addition to my initial request. I feel listened to, supported, and this person will remember me on a future visit and check in with me after I've purchased the product or service.


Good service doesn't just happen before or during a transaction or service call. It also continues after a sale, with good customer follow-up. A quick call, an e-mail, a little hello to make sure they're satisfied, or to assist them if a problem arises.


This is what it means to offer good service, to be in touch with the customer. Listening to them before, during and after a transaction, so that they feel they're really someone, not just a number. That's Action Déco. You're just as important as my artists and the trees I plant with every purchase you make.


Curious about the work behind me in the photo? I'll let you find out which one it is from Dominique Desmeules' fine collection.


Christiane planting trees and selling reproductions 🌳🌳🌳

2 trees planted per reproduction sold 🥰

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