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From Granby to Madrid, my reproductions reforest the planet

Action Déco is reforesting the planet thanks to partners around the world as demonstrated by the plane in this image.

I just read a little gem of a book, The Man Who Planted Trees, by Jean Giorno. In this book, the main character carefully selects his seeds and plants them one by one. Thanks to his work, determination and dedication, he has revived entire forests, given new life to barren lands, allowing water to flow again and inhabitants to settle and live peacefully. Thousands of hectares of hostile land have become prosperous and harmonious places to live.


All the patience and dedication described and felt in these pages are very much in line with my mission. I can relate to much of it, except that I am not alone in carrying out my part of the reforestation.


I am fortunate to be surrounded by my artists who support me completely. My printer contributes by planting a tree with each of my orders and I offer the equivalent to the SÉTHY Foundation with whom I have a green collaboration. I am also in contact with a company in Madrid that specializes in massive reforestation by spreading proven seeds via drones.


Knowing that I am surrounded by all these beautiful people and companies who have the same goal as me, gives me the feeling that I can really change things, many trees at a time. My project is big, I know it. Maybe I wouldn't think so big if, like the Man who planted trees, I had to do it manually, one seed after another.


With all these people involved, I can concentrate on spreading the beauty of my artists' works, perpetuating their art, making you experience emotions and giving a touch of magic to your decor. Behind each tree planted is an intention delivered by an artist that has become a work, a reproduction, an emotion.


Who would have thought that art could give birth to forests?


Action Déco, your wall decoration, your emotion and greenery in profusion

2 trees planted per reproduction sold

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